malmÖ esports center

The malmÖ esports center provides 5 different rooms, 1 of which dedicated to consoles and retro gaming, all of which are provided with the best 144hz monitors and computers that can easily handle new-gen games all decorated with all the equipment you might need when you grind for the top. In additions to this the facility is included with a lounge and chill area, and a bar might you need to grab some food and drinks mid-session.

The two largest and performing rooms of the center are definitely the cloud room and the aquarium room, where you can practice and play your competitive matches with the best possible gaming experience, they come with a whiteboard for your team and coach to exercise concepts and strategies and plenty of space. You will find the facility has all of the most popular esports games for you to experience.

the two lagrums are set up with 6 spots for you and your team, where thanks to the performing hardware you can practice pro games, or just hang out with your friends according to your needs. the bunker is the last room, dedicated to consoles and retro gaming,  where you can also bring your own and plug it in if it’s not provided. after your session is over you can head over to the chill area and grab some food and drinks to replenish your energy!

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