The board of Aqualix has made a decision on a number of departments to be closed and staff members to leave their position in the company. Unfortunately, it is always sad to say goodbye to those you have worked with, many can understand this and many who may be angry about this decision that has been made. We wish everyone the best of luck and thank you for your contribution to Aqualix.

New departments and responsibilities:

  • Daniel Jensen Storbråten. (Head Manager) will take the lead in Aqualix Agency.
  • Alexander Fleischer (CEO) will steps down as CEO, he will take the position of chairman of the board and and will take the lead in Aqualix Studio for branding, animation, website and social media for Aqualix.
  • Vincent Naugton (Head of Esports NA) will step up as CEO of Aqualix from 15 May.
  • Jiri Bures (COO) steps down in his position.

Department that will be closed:

  • The Fortnite EU & NA department is closed down.
  • The Valorant NA department is closed down.
Team update:
  • Aqualix Rainbow Six Siege team participates in the Rainbow Six Esports NA challenger League. 
`Our Tournament Placings
  •  1st in the Winner League.
  • 2nd Place in the ESEA IM League
  • 2nd Place in the Gaming Stadium Valorant Tournament!
  • 10th place in the Apex Legends Global Series Major Final
  • 19th Place in the Apex Legends Global
  • Series Major 1 – North American Qualifier!
  • 58th Place in the Fortnite DreamHack Finals! `

Last updated April 12, 2021, 12:45 CET



We founded Aqualix on the 1st of January, 2021, to become the leaders of the Esports scene and compete with the international elite.